5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Learning A New Language

Learning a new language is never easy. You are trying to learn a brand new way of communication. You would start from the infant stage of learning any language and then go through the regular learning phases. you can fall into the trap of these language learning pitfalls. Make sure that during your learning, you don’t fall into these learning mistakes or else language learning would become even harder.

  1. Not Listening Enough:

The first step of learning, just like infants, is listening to the language being spoken. Babies learn new language by listening and parroting the sounds coming out of adults. In the same way, when learning a new language, you need to listen well and with intent to make sure you get the best gain and quick reinforced learning. This means listen to music, watch movies, and watch TV shows in the language that you are learning.

  1. Lack of Curiosity:

Attitude is one of the key factors in the progression of a student in language learning. If a learner wants to learn the language, he/she would be quick to grasp the language and be more successful than someone who doesn’t want to learn the language. In case the language subject is mandatory for the student, if he/she isn’t interested, they won’t learn it as well as the others.

  1. Rigid Thinking:

The people who have low ambiguity tolerance are less prone to learning new languages. You need to be open to a lot of uncertainty when it comes to language learning. Language learning would make sure that you encounter new vocabulary and different grammar rules. Until a fluency of native level is achieved, ambiguity would always be there.

  1. A Single Method:

You should not rely on just one technique to learn a new language. It is possible that you are comfortable with language lab repeat drills or reading of grammar textbooks, but to learn a language properly, you need to make sure you get a mix of every technique for a complete reinforced learning.

  1. Fear:

This is one of the worst pitfalls you could fall into. Each and every individual is capable of learning as much as they want to learn. If you get scared of a language, it can get very difficult to pull you out of this pitfall. Nothing would make sense if fear takes over. So, ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Learning a new language is an essential skillset everyone should have as globalization has brought the world together.

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